Monaco star wants Manchester United request before next summer.


Fabinho admits that he wants Manchester United move last summer even though winning  big with Monaco last season

The 24-year-old midfielder was wanted by The Italian giants, Juventus for several years now and even nearing to join the side last summer but later falls through due to some condition.

The Brazilian was part of the squad who led Monaco to lift the Ligue 1 title last season.

Many top European teams have come for him and even some still on him was One of the English club, Manchester United is leading the chase.

according to Fabinho speeches over transfer plan: “I will be excited to leave for another team higher than the one am playing for right now. ”

The Brazilian international lost several teammates, most especially to the English side, Bakayoko to Chelsea, Mendy and Silva together to Manchester city at once.

He added: “My time at Monaco was awesome and wonderful to me, I won the league title but now thinking about my time running out, need to prepare myself. ”

“Am aware that the club aim, ambition, and objective were to qualify for the UEFA competition league and possibly get the 2nd place in the league but hopefully achieved something higher than that. ”

“I thoroughly love the fact that they give youngsters opportunity to play, with this, many have used the opportunity in different ”

“But everybody wishes to move further, achieve more and play for teams like Manchester United at the right time before the peak age “

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