Pundit gives reasons why Mourinho losses possession against big teams.

An Analysis of SkySports states reasons why Manchester United are not coming active mostly in their midfield, against big teams.

Manchester United was so poor at their defence that causes an early goal by Eriksen and a great calamity by Phil Jones leading the Red Devils to drop three points against Spurs, last night.

Now 15 points clear behind rival, Manchester city, lessening the hope of the title race.

According to football expert from SkySport “As a big club defender are not to block only, but people do not notice that only Manchester United defenders who lack the habit of playing at the back.”

“The plan has to start from the defenders, even from goalie, they have to take part before moving on to the midfield ”

“You set it gradually, not shooting in always or giving a stressful long-passes that are difficult for the attackers to bring down ”

“Mourinho has to teach them or buy a defender of that type in order to make the team solid, No matter how sharp the attacker, won’t work”

“And the major problem is lack of confidence in defenders, so either you change them totally or teaches them how to move the ball from  behind”

Former Manchester United defender, Rio Ferdinand also criticises Jose Mourinho tactics against Tottenham Hotspur.

“Two centre-man doesn’t work out for Manchester United most especially for Pogba,  when attached with two more midfielders, including himself, I think we see the best of Pogba.”

“Placing Anthony Martial in the wrong position also weaken the attack, can’t just change the tactics easily just because of a single man.”

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