PLAYER RATINGS: Manchester United performances review VS Spurs

Manchester United extended the gap between rival. Manchester City on Wednesday after recording their first loss of the year against Spurs at Wembley

Mourinho suffered from poor actions from the backside which brought in early goals in the first half game.

The Midfielders was not active today most especially from The French man, Paul Pogba.

247footballtalk Player ratings, according to review

De Gea: Conceeded his first goal of the year today, though not his fault, saved some balls to avoid more goals. 6/10

Smalling: His side was so weak and gave a problem to the team in the first goal 3/10

Jones: scored an own goal that should be clear out, and even  in the first goal 1/10

Valencia: couldn’t coordinate the team as a captain, made some mistakes and also weaken the attack 3/10

Young: terrible performance from him 2/10

Matic: Just an average performance, not as usual 5/10

Pogba: The real Pogba was missing in the match, and made the midfield so dull in attack 4/10

Lingard: Have been proving himself in his recent games, but the game was not on his side today 5/10

Sanchez: Trying to make his first Premier League game for Manchester United said well but unfortunately resulted in a bad outcome 6/10 

Martial: rarely find him some time in the match, just an average performance 5/10

Lukaku: played less than average, and aren’t dangerous upfront 4/10


Fellaini: came in as substitute and played than 7 minutes of the game, N/A

Hererra:  didn’t make any changes 5/10

Juan Mata: very late for him to make changes, but may have done so,  if he started the match 5/10


Jose Mourinho: Wrong formation leads the issue, Martial not at his best position, needs some consistent defensive player and changes not made at the right time. that’s to our own view 3/10

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