Antonio Conte want a single thing to make him stay.

Chelsea boss, Antonio Conte wants trust from the management to keep him at Stamford Bridge next summer.

The 48-year-old man told the team management to be so confident in him to control the pressure he is facing right now at Chelsea.

A few days ago, Chelsea manager dismissed the rumour about him leaving the team for Italian job but want full support in order to bring more success.

According to report, Chelsea have been in touch with former Barcelona manager, Luiz Enrique and Napoli boss as a possible replacement for Antonio Conte

Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovic has urged the fans and the board to show Conte some respect.

Conte speaking on trending issues “to be sincere, I wish to stay with Chelsea for long but the what’s going on now makes every plan doubtful.”

“So many rumours after my first game against Burnley, I’d like the club to prepare a statement for me to say they trust in my work and my job.”

Despite a horrible season for Conte, He never steps back but wants to fight again and later discuss a contract extension in future.

“This is not the best time for a contract extension, a solution has to come first but if they insist on having the discussion now, am ready.”

Conte gave a shocking answer about his discussions with Chelsea owner Abramavic on the future decisions “I will make this private.”

“I don’t know why other coaches are so relaxed on their team despite facing a lot. “

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