Goal: Former Barcelona reject mid-season move to Chelsea.

Former Barcelona manager, Luiz Enrique have been an alternative target for Chelsea to replace The Italian man, Antonio Conte before or After the end of the season.

Despite the little assurance that Antonio Conte may be sack soon, Luiz Enrique never wants any job in the mid-season which means it may be difficult for Chelsea to get a high profile manager before the end of the season.

Antonio Conte has been dragging a replacement for himself after a horrible display in his last two Premier League games against Bournemouth at Stamford Bridge and Watford in an away clash on Monday.

However, he was not interested in reducing his long-term year and there is a possibility of hiring a new manager  (interim). The current poor performance has been encountered by the club been linked to the busy fixture list and the injuries incurred by the players.

He also claimed that Chelsea transfer board did not give him the players he wanted despite the signing of Oli. Juventus’s Massimiliano Allegri was also offered by Chelsea while As Monaco manager considered the move for next season.

Reports have stated the resignation of Antonio Conte despite his long-term contract with the west Londoners that end till the end of next season. Real Madrid has been considering a potential replacement for Zidane Zidane side.

Moreover,  he (Conte) has been reported his return to his national side, moving back again with Italy job. But he has called on the club to publicly back him after reports emerged that he is at odds with Roman Abramovich.

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