Chelsea in advance talk with Luis Enrique.

The Blues are now dragging Conte’s foot out of the team after surprisingly offered Luiz Enrique two-and-half-a year contract despite ruling out the mid-season job until the summer.

The Italian has been Facing many difficulties in recent weeks, even though having a sleepless night does not solve the problem. Chelsea is now thinking that the load is too heavy for him to challenge and replacing him will be the best option.

The last two Premier League games were very embarrassing for Conte and the team entirely after facing a 3-0 defeat against Bournemouth in the first place then later trashed 4-1 by Watford in the last game.

The Roman Abramovic Believes that former Barcelona manager is the only man suitable for Conte replacement and have already shown him some proof that he needs him after offering him a deal.

Chelsea also has shown interest in Napoli manager, Sarri whose buyout clause is £7 million till the end of the season. It seems that the 59-year old man wants to be with Napoli for now, and the club president is ready to pin him down at all cost.

The 48-year-old man who is playing tough games according to his next five fixtures and this will be hard for him due to his current form. Those fixtures may lead to something ridiculous to the team and Conte himself.

Chelsea decisions are not clear because a few hours ago before Watford defeat, there was a discussion on the Italian man about offering him a new deal, but latest report was now on a replacement for him.

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