CHELSEA NEWS: Hazard gives reason for Premier League faliure

The Belgian award winner stated UEFA champions league fixtures as one of the issues affecting the team, which has unable them to defend their Premier League title this season.

It has been a tough time for Chelsea in couples of weeks back after losing two Premier League games consecutively to an average team (Bournemouth and Watford) despite signing a man for the striking role which they think is the possible problem of the team.

After the massive defeat, Chelsea went down behind Liverpool with a single point ahead of the fifth team on the table and this has been a bad sign for Chelsea boss, Antonio Conte.

In recent weeks, Conte emphasis on unfavourable match schedules as the factor with the current situation,  and have brought a lot of issues, like fatigue, a wave of injuries that have affected the squad.

After Monday night clash against West Brom, Chelsea will be facing Barcelona in the Champions League then later return to the Premier League to battle with the Manchester’s in their next two games.

Hazard speaking to ESPN yesterday “I think Premier League is the toughest of all, it’s hard to win every year, The clock rotates every season. Last year we were absent in the Champions League. It is difficult this year to battle for the two competitions.”

“If it is possible to step down for one to face the rest, it will have been easy, (He laughs) but that’s not possible.”

He added “Many things happen in the squad. I trust my boss (Antonio Conte).”


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