Alexis Sanchez may face jail sentence.

According to the latest report from several sources, Manchester United new boy, Alex Sanchez was given 16-months suspended sentence after admitting his wrongdoings over tax fraud in Spain.

The Chilean has spent over 3-and-a-half years in the Premier League with Arsenal before moving to the most successful team in the league (Manchester United) last month, involving a swap deal with the Armenian attacker.

The 29-years-old will not face a jail sentence after admitting his wrongful behaviour over €1million defrauding on images right when playing for the Spanish club, Barcelona before he joined Arsenal in 2014.oO

Other big names like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have also faced the same in Spain, also applicable to other players in the league. The Spanish authorities always try to eradicate this form of bad behaviour for better society.

According to Spanish Journalist tweet on Twitter  “This behaviour is rapid among the Spanish players, most especially the Barcelona squad. This has become common among the Spanish citizen because it has spread a lot before being attended to”

The Spanish Authorities allows those who get involved in such case(tax fraud), then was sentenced to 24 months below to pay an urge amount for fine instead of serving the punishment in jail.

So, Manchester United player who is involved in such case has chosen to pay a fine like other footballers that also went through such situation. Alexis Sanchez will be paying an estimated amount of £524,575 thousand to the Spanish government and will be giving a due time for the payment.

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