Chelsea striker doubtful for Barcelona clash as he roar in pain

After Chelsea victory against West Bromwich Albion, The Spaniard who has been suffering from a back injury have claimed that playing with the injury is very difficult and made him lose his form.

The Spanish international declares himself fit on social media for Monday’s clash after some several talks about his back injury, But the rumour about him is true.

“it was a great mistake for playing with pain, I went through a bad moment where I missed a lot of important goals and wasn’t active due to my physical and mental illness.”

“I have to do everything for me to return, it’s time to work hard and stop thinking about other things. We are facing a lot, everyone must be available to battle the current situation. Barcelona won’t be easy must especially  Messi.”

However, Alvaro Morata returned to action on the Premier League matchday 27 at Stamford Bridge after he suffered a back injury in the past month. He came in as a replacement of Olivier Giroud in Monday’s 3-0 win over West Bromwich Albion.

Chelsea boss, Antonio Conte speaks on Alvaro Morata and Olivier Giroud after the clash against West Bromwich yesterday ” I want both of them to become very sharp on the pitch that’s why I will continue trying them in every match.”

According to Morata on Messi “That gentleman is unstoppable, The only way is for him not to have a good day, but that’s difficult because he’s always in a good mood against clubs.”

“Let’s hope we get a good result in the 1st leg, so it gets easy for us in the 2nd part. Messi may be unstoppable but if others are stoppable. We can keep the history on Ground.”

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