Roy Keane expresses pointless response to Pogba’s position debate.

A former Manchester United player Roy Keane who is also a legend at the club has offered an uncommon pointless response when interrogated on Pogba’s behaviour, style, attitude and other condition, not comparing a player to be among the best in the world should be able to perform in whatever role is asked of him

Paul Pogba is expected to do better at Manchester United, according to Roy Keane, as the discussion surrounding the mid fielder’s best position fury.

The France international has been facing critical observation and detailed examination after contending in difficulty to improve and rectify to the ingenious slight adjustment of Jose Mourinho.

Furthermore, playing out of positions with links to the Red Devils have given their take on how to get the best out of a £89million asset.

United have quivered of late, suffering two defeats in their last three games and need to turn things around going to an essential run of games which will see them face Huddersfield, Sevilla and Chelsea across FA cup, Champions League and Premier league competition.

“I don’t care about the last few league games, Sevilla will give them a game but can’t predict”. Keane stated

“They will turn up for these couple of big games and Jose Mourinho will go through the issue.”

Moreover, they haven’t put in order the defensive problems they have had over the last few years.

“The two centre-backs need to do better .I’ve thought with Ashley Young in your back four, you are going to contend hard”.

Regrettably, for United, it is not just the midfield source of power which is posing problems at present.

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