Ander Herrera wants a specific thing this season to differentiate his team from others.

Manchester United midfielder, Ander Herrera believes that the Red Devils will secure the second spot in the Premier League behind rival, Manchester City but aim F.A cup as his number one target.

Manchester United are expected to face Tottenham Hotspur in the F.A Cup semi-final with the like of rival team, Chelsea. Chelsea will be taking on Southampton before the final round of the competition.

The F.A cup remains the only hope for the four teams, including Manchester United whereby the semi-final first match will be on the 21 of April.

Manchester United will be facing top table leaders, Manchester City on Saturday whereby City victory against United will record the team as the 2017/18 champion of the season.

According to Herrera in the Skysport interview”The F.A is very special to all present in the Competition, it’s the first ever competition in the history of football, it means a lot to every single team in Britain.”

“My teammates also has determination as mine. We are ready to battle and challenge any team in the competition, we are not weak but not too strong .”

“This current stage won’t be easy for any team. We fought to the last minutes before got the league cup last year also applicable to the previous season when we won the F.A cup trophy.”

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