Current Italian leader ready to join Chelsea after the season.

According to the report from, Chelsea boss, Antonio Conte successor at Juventus, Massimiliano Allegri is ready to be his future successor at Chelsea as he prepares to step out of Juventus in the summer.

Antonio Conte seems to be nearing the end of his career at Chelsea since the situation of the team gets worse with his current relationship with Chelsea board. Conte claims Board inactivity is the problem Chelsea was facing.

Following the report from the Italian media, Aston, After Madrid disgrace at Turin yesterday, Allegri is preparing to Step-out of Juventus and travel out of Italy.

Since Allegri arrival at Juventus, He has won the Italian league, Serie A three consecutive times and now aiming the 4th League title with four points ahead of Napoli.

Chelsea has been weighing a move for Antonio Conte likely replacement. Luiz Enquire was Chelsea priority target to take Conte’s place after the season.

Roman Abramovic hasn’t made a public declaration about replacing Antonio Conte next season but there may be some secret talk going on within the board.

After Madrid clash yesterday, Allegri has confirmed his leaving far away from Italy job after the current campaign with interest in the English club, Chelsea.

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